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Tips on how to make a dog and cat become friends

Tips on how to make a dog and cat become friends

As a nation we are obsessed with our pets (in a good way of course) which explains why we love to talk about them. The number of pet bloggers is rising every year which presents an opportunity to share information, chat and even meet up for dog walks, social events and competitions. But which blog is the most helpful and which can you trust?


Here at The Pet Express we have put together a list of 6 of the best pet blogs out there making sure that you get the right information.

Blog Paws


With the tagline “Shaping social media excellence, influence and education one amazing pet parent at a time” it is clear to see that the community behind this pet blog is full of passion for pets. Bringing together pet enthusiasts through social media, this blog is best for communicating ideas and tips.


Oh My Dog


This site is written by a pet blogger that just loves dogs. The articles are fun to read and the site includes some reviews as well, making it a one stop blog for dog owners around the country.


Pawsitively Pets


A great fun site discussing everything you need to know about pets, including some exotic ones. Curated by a Veterinary Technician, the blog posts some informative articles even about pet health.

This blog has a great design that helps you to navigate around the site easily. Packed full of helpful information and real life stories about some amazing pets, this blog is the perfect sharing platform.


The Conscious Cat


Winner of the The Petties Dogtime’s Pet Blog Award 2013 for Best Overall Pet Blog, the site focuses completely on cats, really understanding their needs and helping owners to locate the correct advice for their feline friends.


The Dogington Post

A fantastic blog that is “the internet newspaper: all about dogs”. An excellent pet blog bringing up anything dog related in the news, including some features about health and lifestyle. Perfect for the dog lover and famous on social media.

And there they all are, please click on the links to discover more. Happy posting!

P.S. Don’t forget our very own handy pet blog – which you’re reading now!